Location, location, location.        

West Cliffe School and Nursery is situated in the leafy suburbs on the edge of Keighley, opposite Devonshire Park and close to the grounds of Cliffe Castle Museum.

We take pride in the knowledge that we are situated in a conservation area and as a result, our nursery children are encouraged to help secure the wellbeing of the local wildlife throughout the year.

The nursery itself is registered for 52 children in total; 8 children under two years old, 12 aged two to three and 32 children over three years old. We also have a secure outside environment where children can explore and play in all weathers, a Primary Classroom on the grounds offering excellent Montessori education for children under eleven years old and a community building where a number of activities are on offer.



About Us

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)

The Montessori approach in Early Years offers a specific strategy rather than a philosophy of education.  It is an approach that has been implemented worldwide over the last hundred years with a consistent record of success.  Its effectiveness has been demonstrated with children from all backgrounds, cultures, and degrees of advantage and physical ability.

The best way to summarise the approach of Montessori education is from the child’s perspective ‘Let me do it myself.’

Montessori education is child-centred as each child can progress: -

at his/her own pace,
learning in a supportive and sympathetic environment,
through encouragement to develop his/her own individual strengths.