The Cultural Subjects –are studied through a co-ordinated cross curricular approach, in reference to the cultures and continents the children are studying, as well as the basic concepts of each area.

Geography– learning about the facts of the physical world, land and water forms and the child’s place in the Global structure.  The children study the weather and the water cycle.

History– studies include the passage of time through the year (seasons), the child’s day and since the beginning of the world, with the study of Pre-History.

Botany – including the study of plant classification, photosynthesis and the importance of the Sun, natural cycles, and leaf identification.

Zoology – this covers animal classification, life cycles and the human body.

Food Technology – children cook a wide variety of dishes to reflect the tastes of man cultures as well as learning basic techniques in food preparation.

Science and Ecology – are interconnected and underpin the investigations in man areas.


Cultural, Humanities and Home Economics