The Montessori approach recognises that before the age of three the senses are the child's most important tool and our approach aims to facilitate new ways in stimulating all the sensory areas by encouraging the child’s independence and spirit of exploration.  We aim to foster the creativity inherent in each child with less structured art and cultural activities.

We stress the importance of language and aim to provide an enriched speaking and listening environment, by developing the ability to listen attentively and facilitate two way conversations, as well as providing access to traditional rhymes and games through the Kodaly musicianship.

Numeracy is prepared for in an informal way through the use of the same traditional games and counting rhymes.

The Montessori approach also aims to introduce this age group to the simpler routines of our environment. Children who attend such communities are encouraged to become active learners and are encouraged to rely on their own resources to develop their play and their spirit of exploration.


The Infant/Toddler community takes children from the age of three months old.  Children are integrated into the Children’s House gradually once they are considered socially, emotionally and intellectually ready during their third year.


NIDO - The Infant Toddler Community