You can find our most recent Ofsted report here we were awarded Good on all accounts and narrowly missed out on Outstanding.

Here are a few quotes from our report which we are very proud of;

“All staff work exceptionally well as a team and are highly committed to constantly providing the best they can for the children in their care.  As a result, children receive an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.”

“Partnerships with parents, outside agencies and other providers are strong, ensuring children’s needs are quickly identified and understood to maximise their leaning and development.”

“Teachers nurture and support children’s learning based on their interests.  This means that children are quickly accustomed to making their own decisions and organise themselves well.”

“They fully support children to form strong, secure, emotional attachments, which provide a solid foundation for their personal, social and emotional development.  For example, children are encouraged to be independent as they select their own resources from the vast range of activities and resources on offer.”

“The principal and the teachers have a strong commitment to ensure that all children attending the school have the highest quality care and learning experience to prepare them for life.”

You may also wish to read testimonials from parents with children at West Cliffe Montessori;

"Thank you for all the wonderful experiences she has had and the things she has learned, a foundation that will be a strength to her for the rest of her life."

"We would recommend West Cliffe nursery to anyone, they treat each child as an individual - a very nurturing, warm and calm environment for any child, and peace of mind for any parent. We don't want our little girl to ever leave!"

"My little boy loves his time at nursery, the staff are all wonderful and the atmosphere is lovely and calm. He has gained so much self confidence since he started and he looks forward to nursery everyday. It really is a nurturing environment. "

"I want to thank you all and the staff for the experiences the children have had with you. I feel their time with you has been perfect; with enough structure to encourage confidence and learning but complemented with freedom, play and independence. The children finish every session bursting with enthusiasm and stories of their activities. I also want to staff all the wonderful, friendly teachers you have working with you. Everyone has been so nice and genuinely interested in the children's lives."