For those transitioning from the Nido, the Piccola Casa is a smaller Children’s House to give older toddlers more opportunity to be independent and mix with older children.

The children gain independence in everyday activities through practical life activities, allowing them to participate in the daily life of the family e.g. dressing, washing, and social skills.  This instils care for self, for others and for the environment as well as developing muscular control and concentration.

We also have specially designed Sensorial equipment which helps to refine and orders the senses, enabling later work in many areas including writing and mathematics.  This also helps to build children’s cognitive skills, as they learn to order and classify impressions, through experience by touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing.  They are encouraged to explore the properties of their physical environment.


Piccola Casa - The Little House and the Fledglings

Children rising three are helped to transition from the Infant Toddler Community into the Children’s House through the Fledglings room – a side room to the main Montessori Children’s House.   This is also a smaller space for quieter work and creative arts for the older children allowing socialisation across the age groups. 

A move to this room is based on the individual child’s needs/stage rather than age.